Yelle Property

Property Services


Yelle’s property services division supports direct investors and Yelle funds management to optimise asset returns. Our services include residential and commercial leasing, sales and management. Years of experience in the provision of these services allows us to ensure that tenancy arrangements are optimum, costs are appropriate and revenues are favourable. 

Our Property Services Approach

As experienced property professionals, Yelle’s expertise is essential for the effective management and maintenance of any property investment. Our specialised knowledge and skills enable us to optimize the value and profitability of assets, streamline operations, and provide responsive maintenance.

Additionally, Yelle helps minimise risks, improve tenant satisfaction, and maximise returns for property owners

Commercial Sales and Marketing

Yelle specializes in the sales and marketing of various property types, including retail, office, warehouse, industrial, and mixed-use properties.

Our team has extensive experience in offices, retail industrial, land, and development transactions.

We provide our clients with expert market research and investment trends insights and customise our solutions to meet individual client needs.

We also offer various sales approaches to achieve maximum results.

Commercial Leasing and Management

Yelle offers end-to-end solutions for commercial, office, warehouse, industrial, retail, and shopping centre properties.

Our experienced team takes full responsibility for managing your property assets, ensuring all tasks are promptly attended to.

We offer customized solutions to suit your preferences and level of involvement.

Our team ensures all aspects of leasing and management are well-coordinated for a seamless operation.

Residential Property Management

Yelle offers exceptional portfolio management to our valued investors. Our team understands the importance of unlocking new opportunities and maximizing financial benefits for your investment.

We provide tailored advice and ongoing support to meet your individual needs. With our cohesive and strategic approach, we ensure that your property portfolio is professionally managed while you sit back and wait for the benefits.

Residential Sales & Marketing

Yelle works hand in hand with you to evaluate your property’s value and devise a robust marketing plan.

We suggest the most suitable methods to accentuate your property’s unique features and offer advice on how to enhance its potential.

We take charge of all inquiries and visits on your behalf and utilize our exceptional negotiation abilities to ensure the highest possible selling price.