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There are several advantages to investing in property ownership, such as generating a steady stream of passive income through rental returns. Additionally, properties situated in desirable locations have a tendency to increase in value over time, presenting opportunities for capital gains upon selling.
Developing properties can offer even greater returns.

Property funds allow for the diversification of investment portfolios, minimizing concentration risk and enhancing the ability to withstand market fluctuations. Furthermore, property funds offer access to high-quality commercial and residential properties that may be out of reach for individual investors.

Our Investment Approach

Before acquiring a property on behalf of a direct investor or one of our own funds, the potential asset must pass our stringent set of selection criteria which will ensure it provides the best possible returns.

We undertake extensive due diligence of opportunities and develop specific investment strategies for each asset. YELLE leverages our experience in planning, design, construction, contract law and property management to mitigate risk and optimise returns for investors. 

Importantly, the board at YELLE has oversight of all asset acquisitions through our Investment Committee. The ongoing management of your investment is monitored through our Project Oversight Committee. This means you can rely on the combined experience of our Board and management teams to optimise your returns. 

Commercial Income Funds

These funds invest in commercial property assets which provide consistent returns through a secure tenant base.

Funds can consist of multiple property classes including discretionary retail, offices, warehouse and logistics or roadside convenience.

Yelle looks to provide funds with assets in various locations across Australia to assist investors with portfolio diversification.

These funds usually offer longer term investments with lower risk profiles and commensurate returns but provide consistent and regular income distributions.

Built Form Funds

These funds are infill orientated, within major metropolitan areas of Australian capital cities.

They come with additional planning complexity but strong market demand.

Projects are medium density in nature and therefore require a built form outcomes to optimise returns.

This engages more capital than land developments and are usually smaller in nature as a result.

The term of the projects can range from 2 – 4 years and the returns would typically exceed that of a Land Development Fund or Commercial Income Fund.

Land Development Funds

These funds generally target mid sized land projects for a medium term investment period.

Typically, these are within major metropolitan areas of Australian capital cities.
Projects are low density and do not engage capital in built form development.

This results in lower capital requirements resulting from faster recycling of capital.
The term of the projects can range from 2 – 6 years and the returns would typically exceed that of a Commercial Income Fund.

Direct Investment

Not all investors feel a fund is the right path for them. Some have the capacity to build their own diversified portfolio.

These direct investors can benefit from the experience and processes of YELLE.

  • Utilise our property services to ensure the returns on assets are optimised.
  • Work with YELLE to develop a strategic plan for your portfolio and identify assets that will grow the portfolio.
  • Leverage YELLE’s project and development management experience to realise the asset’s full potential.