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Yelle is always looking to fulfill its acquisitions mandates for our funds and direct investors. Sites of interest include commercial properties producing viable returns with a secure tenant base and sites with development potential that are either zoned for residential or commercial use.

If you have a property that meets our needs we would like to hear from you. Please get in touch below.

Acquisition Enquiry Form

Yelle is actively seeking properties to acquire for our funds and direct investors. We focus on commercial assets that offer stable returns from a secure tenant base, as well as sites that have commercial or residential development potential.

If you have a property that fits our criteria, we would be happy to provide you with a prompt suitability assessment. Yelle will conduct an initial desktop review of the property and share our insights regardless of the outcome. 

If your property aligns with our acquisition mandates, you have the potential to sell directly without a real estate agent, however, if it doesn’t meet our criteria you will still be better informed about your property and can choose to engage an external agent.

Please contact us to discuss your property’s suitability.